Saturday, October 23, 2010

6 months post the Big Chop

 Natural Pressed Out Hair
Natural Bunned Back Hair

The Big Chop (April 2010)

Quick Weave #1

Quick Weave #2

Lace Front Wig

Quick Weave #3 (My last quick weave)

6 months post Big Chop

Ok so my natural hair journey is a little backwards but maybe someone out there can relate. I always thought my hair was nappy which is why I RELIGIOUSLY relaxed my hair every six weeks. I was on it like clock work until one day my roommate told me about a hairstylist that she went to who convinced her to go natural. During that time, going natural to me meant chopping off all of my hair and starting over. There was no way I could commit to that because (1) I have a big head and (2) I refuse to walk around like a fool. But then my roommate told me that I wouldn't have to cut my hair at all. The stylist would use a pressing comb/hot comb to straighten my roots as they grow and gradually cut off the relaxed ends. That sounded safe so I agreed to participate. So for three years and eight months I pressed my hair and flat ironed it to achieve that straight look I was going for and occasionally alternating it with the slick back bun look. I never wore my hair out to show off my natural hair due to the fact that I had damaged the curl pattern in certain areas of my hair over the years because of the excessive use of the hot comb and flat iron. So I had tight curls in some areas and loose waves in other areas. It looked a mess. So I asked myself one day, "What's the purpose of being natural if you never wear your hair in its' natural state?" At that point I decided to do my BIG CHOP! I had been natural for almost FOUR years but on April of 2010 I did it. I cut off my long gorgeous hair....and I HATED IT! What had I done? I looked like a boy!!! But I made it work...for the time being. After a few days of walking around looking like an idiot, I decided that it was best that I should find another way to style my hair until my natural hair grew out a little. So I youtube'd a few videos on quick weaves and started doing them myself. I liked the short pixie look so I continued that as my main look but I switched up from time to time with a bob look and even a long lace front wig. I loved each look that I tried but honestly it was getting expensive. Since I didn't have anymore money to waste on covering my natural hair up, I decided that it was time to show it off. I removed my quick weave yesterday and hopefully that was my least for a while. So there you have it. I'm wearing my natural hair and learning love it.

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